buying a GoPro was a good choice.
Crashed a wedding.
so much business 

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Anonymous asked: your dumb

sk4t3 cr3w

Anonymous asked: Would you marry me? One day♥

okai anon, we will get married in Spain on the beach and your anon family will be there and my lovely family will also be there, the second the priest stops talking I’m going to kiss you harder then I would have ever kissed you during our anon relationship, then afterwards we will go to Italy for our honeymoon and I will be making love to that anonymous ass all night long.

Bruised Collarbone, two torn muscles, a bruised rib and a possible concussion. 


So far my my spring break has consisted of…




nearly breaking my left femur….

watching 16 and pregnant and not even realizing that I’m watching it

not doing hoodrat shit with my friends

someone please just kidnap me….I’ll blame it on a black guy.

Welp guys. FUCK.

So basically I’m grounded this whole upcoming week for a really stupid reason…so yeah, see you guys at school on monday when I come out of hell.


Tonoli and Devillier dyed their hair blonde together…

the boyz

happy birthday will!

Anonymous asked: 1-155

motherfucker. only because im bored as hell. Ill post the questions first. 

1. Aaron Jonathan Castro

2. Virgo..lol

3. The ocean, my family, and my friends :)

4. heights, confined spaces, and I guess not being able to do what I want in life.

5. brunette hair, smiling, neck kissing, hygiene

6. bad hygiene lol, bad attitude, unnecessarily slutty clothes,  no sense of humor

7. Elliot Coleman (im-eyiat.tumblr.com)

8. Straight

9. I haven’t really had a real first date yet I guess, so I don’t know lol

10. 5ft 9inches I think

11. The north shore

12. ummm I think around 2am? August 24th 1995

13. Blue

14. more than a crush but yup

15. not sure :S

16. spain

17. steak :P

18. yessir

19. postal service

20. they’re face? Idk haha

21. 10 ½

22. light brown, I think it might be hazel…not sure

23. dark brown

24. anything mike hranica wears is what I wish I had

25. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t

26. grey O_o

27. there isn’t really one, I just put that because I couldn’t think of anything else. Ill probably change it soon.

28. that’s hard >_< I guess it would be the breakfast club, or the goonies, or like…IDK to many.

29. I can’t really say, every song on my playlist are my favorites

30. Thrice

31. dgaf mood

32. she knows.

33. single

34. mom=great, dad=shmeh

35. Christmas :D

36. none

37. Im not sure about tattoos but I really want plugs

38. I was bored lol

39. never had an “ex”

40. sometimes

41. yup

42. last Friday

43. a while actually haha, I lose track of time when I take a shower in the morning

44. my legs are fucking fabulous. But seriously no I haven’t

45. my room lol

46. I’d prob be with Elliot…so Elliot lol


48. I live with my mom

49. not really

50. yes :)

51. most of the time at school haha.

52. uhhh last person I hugged was my brother, and it was yesterday

53. …

54. maybe, Im not sure.

55. today just started so nothing really

56. Dustin Kensrue

57. I just think too much in general

58. I can make a really loud popping noise with my tongue lol

59. not really :o

60. Behind

61. something to my dad, I don’t really remember.

62. phone I guess, I don’t mind skyping though

63. not really

64. newp

65. newppppppppp

66. sunny

67. la biblia

68. I actually do haha.

69. Castro, castbro lol                       69lolololol

70. Broken femur >:)

71. spend it

72. nope haha

73. nooope

74. Lion

75. sleeping, I was pretty tired

76. umm I don’t know…don’t really care either lol

77. Cousins by Vampire Weekend

78. You just do idk haha

79. here lies Aaron Castro, He was out doing himself and he swaged out to hard.

80. I don’t know hahaha. Weird questions

81. m-etropolitan.tumblr.com v-i-t-a-m-i-n—s-e-a.tumblr.com im-eyiat.tumblr.com ransomnotesandloveletters.tumblr.com and surfers-united.tumblr.com

82. most of you people are fucking retarded and society can suck my dick :)

83. no lololol

84. telekinesis :D

85. don’t know

86. nyc in black and white

87. nope, If you try to take mah virgintity ill stab you with my pokemon cards. Jk but seriously no

88. no..lol

89. I have about 8 now, tyrones gonna pop out soon.

90. yup, geometry because of an accident I had

91. no lol

92. yes

93. newp, would be nice though

94. yup, need to get another one soon shmeh

95. everyone has once I suppose

96. not really, fighting someone over the internet is kinda dumb haha.


98. many

99. never

100. newp

101. noooooooooooo

102. yes….lololol

103. no

104. who hasn’t? haha

105. yeah

106. yup

107. yeah, not recently though

108. not without falling asleep

109. many times

110. kinda yeah

111. yesh

112. femur lemur

113. nope

114. no :x planning to this year though

115. yupppppp

116. I wish

117.  plea for purging, thrice, emery, tdwp, haste the day, bad veins, kings of leon (front row 8=====D) hillsong, mutemath, chiodos, and phoenix.

118. noooo

119. yeah kinda lol

120. all day every day honey ;)……..no.

121. still a virgin

122. nope

123. newp

124. newpers

125. yuppers

126. yeahh

127. yes (Christian bale :D ) I AM BATMAN BITCH

128. nooo hahaha I know I’ve been stalked though >:D

129. yeah.

130. yupp

131. yesh

132. nOoOo

133. this is getting boring, who the fuck cares If I’ve broken a mirror?

134. parteh

135. 3 boys, 1 girl. 2 older boys, and another boy a year or two older than the girl, so if any kid tries to bully her he can knock the crap out of him :D Im not sure on names, but I like blake, caleb, Aaron ;0 no Idea what to name the girl. All in good time though.

136. my dad

137. sometimes, I get messy a lot lol

138. I think my buzz lightyear talking action figure. That thing was the shit.

139. that 70’s show

140. I’d like to live in Hawaii for a while, but I’ve always liked Spain or somewhere around there.

141. Drums, Piano, Bass, Guitar.

142. there’s a scar on my arm from when I elbowed a rhino in the fucking face and killed him. Not really, I just fell on my skateboard.

143. ham ;0

144. nope, kinda like it.

145. yesiree

146. many times lol

147. big time

148. keeping my freaking room clean

149. being born ;0;0;0;0

150. don’t remember, not worth remembering anyways.

151. buy a kickass house in a kickass awesome location.

152. I like my eyes a lot lol


154. what I’ll be like when I’m older, like what I’ll look like and act. Stuff like that.

155. yo momma anon. Didn’t think I’d do all this? Well I did! So suck it!!!1!111!