Lake days
Wow sw@g
buying a GoPro was a good choice.
Crashed a wedding.
so much business 

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Anonymous said: your dumb

sk4t3 cr3w

Anonymous said: Would you marry me? One day♥

okai anon, we will get married in Spain on the beach and your anon family will be there and my lovely family will also be there, the second the priest stops talking I’m going to kiss you harder then I would have ever kissed you during our anon relationship, then afterwards we will go to Italy for our honeymoon and I will be making love to that anonymous ass all night long.

Bruised Collarbone, two torn muscles, a bruised rib and a possible concussion. 


So far my my spring break has consisted of…




nearly breaking my left femur….

watching 16 and pregnant and not even realizing that I’m watching it

not doing hoodrat shit with my friends

someone please just kidnap me….I’ll blame it on a black guy.

Welp guys. FUCK.

So basically I’m grounded this whole upcoming week for a really stupid reason…so yeah, see you guys at school on monday when I come out of hell.


Tonoli and Devillier dyed their hair blonde together…